I will endeavour to reposition the ILO as an organisation that demonstrably cares for its people and its constituents; as an ILO that delivers through consolidation of structures, total engagement and continuous enhancement. This will serve as an illustration to constituents and stakeholders that the organisation will go the extra mile to deliver on its primary mandate of social justice and that it cares about their needs.

I will strive to strengthen the governance of the ILO, an updated, robust and realistic body of International Labour Standards that promotes the sustainability of enterprises; aligned to existing realties as well as anticipating new employment realities which open up to previously unrecognised diverse forms of work; ensuring that these are reclassified so as to ensure inclusivity, impact and social justice. Enabling dignity for all is a critical part of this. Some have referred to this as seeking a “third way”. I certainly align with this in looking for a new way of structuring the world of work via social dialogue. The UN Reform presents us with one of these opportunities to not only influence the multilateral environment, which is now under huge threat, by infusing it with the endless possibilities we have for constructing a better world using ILO ways and traditions of engagement.

While the ILO’s focus is the world of work, it must nevertheless be seen to be in touch and influence, issues of trade, gender, race, development, business human rights and responsible business conduct, etc. human rights and responsible business conduct, etc.

How else do we post-Covid-19, expect to have a collaborative and collective response to building regionally and locally on the ground? We do not have Regional hubs, such as SADC for example, having direct relations with the UN Regional Coordinators with the ILO being a central part, if not sometimes leading those teams.

I will leverage regional, inter-regional programmes and inter-governmental institutions to be aligned and inclusive avoiding re-inventing the wheel for effective use of scarce global resources.

His candidature has the unanimous endorsement of Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and the African Union. It also carries the recommendation by the South African President the Honorable Cyril Ramaphosa, Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Employment and Labour.